Character Regulations


One of the aspects of maintaining the overall genre of the World of Darkness, across multiple chapters, and through years of ongoing story and developments, involves the regulation of uncommon elements pertaining to individual characters. It is expected that characters, especially Player Characters, will grow and develop in the course of their stories. Non-Player Characters form the more solid support for their respective genres, and are held to higher regulation for this reason.

  1. New Character Creation

    1. A new player character shall be restricted to the points allowed under standard character creation in the appropriate Mind's Eye Theater rules, plus up to thirty (30) experience points. Any awards made towards the creation of a new character must be made within three game sessions of the character entering play.
      1. Any awards of traits, abilities, or other character statistics count towards this limit as the amount of experience that the player would have had to spend to purchase that particular statistic.
      2. These points may be spent only as Experience points, not as creation points. This spending should follow your Chronicle's House Rules.
      3. These points may not be allowed to purchase any power above second Basic in any out of clan Disciplines, nor above first Basic in any Clan specific Disciplines (Obtenebration, Chimerstry, Protean, Mytherceria, etc.).
      4. All standard regulations apply to how this experience is spent.

    2. No Vampire Character may be created without the direct involvement of the Sire of that Character. This Sire may be a PC, an established NPC, or an NPC created in the Character's back story for the purposes as serving as the Character's Sire. Stored Vitae in any form, to include various rituals and cooling methods, is not viable for enacting the Embrace. Clans which make use of such rituals as their standard practice upon Embrace may still do so, as the integrity of the process is maintained.

    3. Caitiff and Pander must declare three disciplines they possess as "in-clan" at creation. One of these disciplines may be a Clan Specific (e.g., Protean, Dementation, Quietus) with Coordinator Approval of the appropriate Clan. The character's three Disciplines cannot duplicate an existing Clan with Clan Specific Disciplines.

    4. No single player may create multiple characters related to, allied with, or otherwise possessing knowledge of each other.

      1. Players who become involved in an investigation into their character’s death must report this activity to their storytellers as well as the storytellers who oversaw the death if they are different.

      2. A single player’s multiple characters may eventually gain knowledge of each other but may never work together, directly, indirectly or through intermediaries.

  2. Experience Points

    1. No Lost Chronicles character may earn more than eight experience points in a single month.

    2. A character may only be awarded experience by its own home chapter.
      1. If a PC visits another chapter and thus is eligible to earn additional experience, it is the player's responsibility to make sure that the storyteller team of the chapter the player visits informs the home chapter, by email, stamped index card, etc., so that the home chapter can award the appropriate experience.
      2. The home chapter is the final authority on how much experience is awarded, within the limitations of the regulations.

    3. Experience is awarded to the character not the player.
      1. Experience may only be spent on the PC to which it was awarded
      2. The only exception is when a PC dies or is retired, the unspent experience, up to the maximum allowed by Lost Chronicles rules, may be transferred to a new PC.

    4. Players who serve on short-term NPC duty may, at storyteller discretion, be allowed to earn some experience towards their active PC, however players of long-term NPCs should not be allowed to transfer large amounts of experience to their active PC.

    5. The standard XP costs from Laws of the Night (3rd Edition) and other published Revised/3rd Edition White Wolf books and material with listed MET XP costs (including the Sabbat Guide, Anarch Guide, Storyteller's Guide, Clanbooks, etc.) are to be considered the baseline for Lost Chronicles. Reasonable variations due to house rules or regional preferences (such as rules regarding Influences) are permissible, but must be noted in a game's house rules.

  3. Approval Process

  4. Actions and changes to player characters as a direct result of the stories in which they have been involved require approval at one lesser level than such elements would otherwise. A concise explanation of the situation should be provided at the time approval is sought.

    All characters or story elements requiring any degree of approval above that of the Chronicle Storytellers are to be logged with the Archivist upon receipt of that approval.

    1. Noteworthy
      1. Any elements that are unusual or carry potential for interesting shared story are encouraged to be logged with Archivist and included in Chronicle Reports.

    2. Notification
      1. The element is reported to Council and its associated Coordinator(s), as listed in the charts below, and logged with the Archivist. If the associated Coordinator objects within fourteen (14) days, it may be escalated to a Council vote

    3. Coordinator Approval
      1. Approval is requested from the Coordinator and logged with the Archivist. If the Coordinator fails to make a disposition within 28 days, the item is considered approved. If the Coordinator rejects the item, it may be escalated to a Council vote.

    4. Council Vote
      1. Approval is requested from Council following the standard procedures for a vote.

    5. Result of Player Character Actions
      1. Actions taken by Player Characters (and specifically not Non-Player Characters) that would result in a regulated activity or element are treated as ‘Notification’. These actions must have oversight of a storyteller who must be named in the Notification.

    6. Consequences
      1. Characters found to be in violation of these regulations will be considered out-of-play until the problem is resolved. Gross violations may be grounds for Disciplinary Proceedings.

  5. Restricted

  6. Creatures

    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    6th Generation (or Better) Vampiric NPC Vote Vampire / As Appropriate
    Abominations Vote Changing Breeds
    Ahrimanes Vote Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Ajaba Vote Changing Breeds
    Akunanse Vote Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Ananasi Vote Changing Breeds / Fera / Ananasi
    Anda Vote Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Bane Mummies Vote Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Blood Brothers Vote Vampire / Sabbat
    Bubasti Vote Changing Breeds / Fera / Bastet
    Bunyip Vote Changing Breeds
    Cabiri Vote Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Capococoha Vote Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Cappadocians Vote Vampire / Independent / Giovanni
    Ceilican Vote Changing Breeds / Fera / Bastet
    Daughters of Cacophony / Sons of Discord Vote Vampire / Camarilla / Toreador
    Gurahl Vote Changing Breeds
    Guruhi Vote Vampire / Camarilla / Ventrue
    Harbinger of Skulls Vote Vampire / Independent / Giovanni
    Hakken Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Shadowlords
    Ishaelites Vote Wraith / Mummy
    Khan Vote Changing Breeds / Fera / Bastet
    Khara Vote Changing Breeds
    Kiasyd Vote Vampire / Sabbat / Lasombra
    Kinyoni Vote Vampire / Independent / Ravnos
    Kitsune Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Fera
    Kumo Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Fera
    Marauders Vote Mage
    Mla Watu Vote Vampire / Independent / Giovanni
    Mokole Vote Changing Breeds / Fera
    Nagah Vote Changing Breeds / Fera
    Nagloper Vote Vampire / Sabbat / Tzimisce
    Nezumi Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Fera
    Nkulu Zao Vote Vampire / Independent / Salubri
    Nolad Vote Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Non-Canon Bloodline Vote Vampire / As Appropriate
    Old Clan Tzimisce Vote Vampire / Independent / Tzimisce
    Real Historical Characters Vote Council
    Rokea Vote Changing Breeds / Fera
    Saulbri (Healer) Vote CVampire / Sabbat / Salubri
    Same-Bito Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Fera
    Shango Vote Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Startgazers (Hengeyokai) Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Stargazers
    Tengu Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Fera
    Tlacique Vote Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    True Brujah Vote Vampire / Camarilla / Brujah
    Unusual Caitiff Vote Vampire / Camarilla
    Unusual Pander Vote Vampire / Sabbat
    White Howler Throwbacks Vote Changing Breeds / Wyrm
    Wu'Tian Vote Wraith / Kuei-Jin / Mummy
    Xi Dundu Vote Vampire / Sabbat / Lasombra
    Zhong Lung Vote Changing Breeds / Hengeyokai / Fera
    Apostate (Baali) Coordinator Vampire / Demon / Baali
    Apostate (Follower of Set) Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    D'habi Family Revenants Coordinator Vampire / Demon / Baali
    Ducheski (formerly Krevcheski) Family Revenants Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla / Tremere
    Enrathi Family Revenants Coordinator Vampire / Tal'Mahe'Ra
    Marijave Family Revenants Coordinator Vampire / Tal'Mahe'Ra
    PCs with history involving Coordinator
    or Canon NPCs
    Coordinator As Appropriate
    Rafastio Family Revenants Coordinator Vampire / Tal'Mahe'Ra
    Siberakh Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Skin Dancers Coordinator Changing Breeds / Wyrm
    Standard: Shemsu-Heru (Original 42) Coordinator Wraith / Mummy
    Supernaturl Kinfolk: Changeling, Mage
    or Vampire
    Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Vampires Embraced from Extinct
    Revenant Lines: Basarab, Danislaw,
    Khazi or Vlaszy
    Coordinator Vampire / Sabbat / Tzimisce
    Vampiric Children of Osiris Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Assamite Socerers Notification Vampire / Camarilla / Assamite
    Baali Notification Vampire / Demon / Baali
    Bastet Notification Changing Breeds / Fera / Bastet
    Children of Damballah Notification Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Corax Notification Changing Breeds / Fera / Corax
    Daitya Notification Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Danava Vetrue Notification Vampire / Camarilla / Ventrue
    Disparate / Craft Mages Notification Mage
    Earthbound Fallen Notification Wraith / Demon / Fallen
    Gangrel with Extinct Animal Form Notification Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Gargoyle Notification Vampire / Camarilla / Tremere
    Garou / Spirit Offspring Notification Changing Breeds
    Ghille Dhu Notification Changeling
    Kairos (Changed Brujah) Notification Vampire / Camarilla / Brujah
    Lasombra Antitribu Notification Vampire / Sabbat / Lasombra
    Mariner Gangrel Notification Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Nuwisha Notification Changing Breeds / Fera
    Oprichniki Family Revenants Notification Vampire / Sabbat / Tzimisce
    Risen Notification Wraith
    Samedi Notification Wraith
    Selkies Notification Changeling
    Semi-Supernatural Kinfolk: Drone, Fae-Blooded,
    Fomori, Gorgon, Hedge Mage, Kami, Numina,
    or with Gypsy Magic
    Notification Changing Breeds
    Standard Notification Wraith / Mummy
    Supernatural Gypsies Notification Vampire / Independent / Ravnos
    Dispassioate Brujah (Changed Brujah) Notification Vampire / Camarilla / Brujah
    Tzimisce Kolduns Notification Vampire / Sabbat / Tzimisce
    Warrior Setites Notification Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Supernatural Possessed: Drone, Formori, or Kami Notification Changing Breeds

    Group Relationships / Status Modifiers

    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    PC with 7th Personal Camarilla Status Vote Vampire / Camarilla
    Anathema Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla
    Camarilla Assamites without Probationary Sect Membership Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla / Assamite
    Court Appointment Coordinator Vampire / Kuei-Jin
    Gaijin / Gweilo Coordinator Vampire / Kuei-Jin
    Prestigious Sire Coordinator Vampire / As Appropriate
    Political Akuma Notification Vampire / Demon / Kuei-Jin

    Group Membership / Rank

    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    True Hand Members Vote Vampire / Independent / Tal'Mahe'Ra
    Assamite Infiltrators Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Bitter Hex Coordinator Changing Breeds / Silent Striders
    Bringers of Eternal Peace Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Children of Bat Coordinator Changing Breeds / Shadow Lords
    Cyber Dogs Coordinator Changing Breeds / Glass Walkers
    Dead Goddess Cult Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Defector: Black Spiral Dance Coordinator Changing Breeds / Wyrm
    Eaters of the Dead Coordinator Changing Breeds / Silent Striders
    Giovanni Infiltrators Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Giovanni
    Ivory Priesthood Coordinator Changing Breeds / Silver Fangs
    Judges of Doom Coordinator Changing Breeds / Shadow Lords
    Friends of the Night Coordinator Vampire / Sabbat / Lasombra
    Harbingers of Skulls Outside of the Sabbat Coordinator Vampire / Sabbat
    Loki's Smile Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Man Eaters Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Masks Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Mother's Fundamentalists Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Non-Assamite Converts to Clan Assamite Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Nosfertau Infiltrators Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla / Nosferatu
    Path Dancers Coordinator Changing Breeds / Uktena
    Family Allegiance Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Ravnos
    Sect Defectors Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla or Vampire / Sabbat as Appropriate
    Society of Nidhogg Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Society of the Bitter Frost Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Sword of Hiemdall Coordinator Changing Breeds / Black Fury
    Temple of Artemis Coordinator Changing Breeds / Black Fury
    Tremere Infiltrators Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla / Tremere
    Umbral Pilots Coordinator Changing Breeds / Glass Walker
    Web of Knives Assamites Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Ymir's Sweat Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Ventrue Infiltrators Coordinator Vampire / Camarilla / Ventrue
    Anarch Tremere Notification Vampire / Camarilla / Tremere
    Assamite Internal Faction Coverts Notification Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Assamite Loyalists Notification Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Assamite: Leopards of Zion Notification Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Assamite: Sisterhood of the Erinyes Notification Vampire / Independent / Assamite
    Einherjar and Neo-Einherjar Gangrel Notification Vampire / Independent / Gangrel


    Lore does not provide specific information on a subject but represents a broad collection of random facts which may or may not be true. If a storyteller thinks that a given fact may be in scope for a characters level of lore they may allow a challenge for the specific fact. Lore may be used to augment information that has been collected in-character, but should not be used as a substitute.

    The appropriate coordinator should be notified of any level 4 or level 5 Lores that are specific to their genres. This is optional, but it is encouraged. This is to encourage consequences for those who have dug too deep and discovered forbidden knowledge.


    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    Lost Tribal and Breed Gifts and Rites: Apis, Bunyip,
    Camazotz, Croatan, Grondr, White Howler
    Vote Changing Breeds
    Bardo Coordinator Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Rite of the Death Bear Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Inceptor Notification Vampire

    In Character Objects

    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    Bane Klaive Notification Changing Breeds
    Grand Klaive Notification Changing Breeds
    Great Klaive Notification Changing Breeds
    Specific Canon Items Coordinator Owned As Appropriate

    Glass Ceiling

    The following are the power level limitations for Player Characters in Lost Chronicles. PCs that would meet or exceed these parameters through story or character development become Non-Player Characters under the control of their home Chapter or responsible Coordinator.

    Item Associated Coordinator
    Balance 6+ Mummies Wraith / Mummy
    Dharma 6+ Kuei-Jin Vampire / Kuei-Jin
    Generation 7 or Better Vampires Vampire
    Level 6+ Powers As Appropriate
    Rank 6+ Changing Breeds Changing Breeds
    Sphere 6+ Mages Mage
    Title 3+ Changeling Changeling

    Coordinator Only

    Item Associated Coordinator
    Ferryman Wraith
    Named Canon Characters As Appropriate
    Nictuku Vampire / Camarilla / Nosferatu


    Item Associated Coordinator
    Apis Changing Breeds
    Blood Brothers OUtside of the Sabbat Vampire / Sabbat
    Camazotz Changing Breeds
    Croatan Changing Breeds
    Extinct Revenant Families: Basarab, Danislaw, Khazi, Vlaszy Vampire / Sabbat / Tzimisce
    Grondr Changing Breeds
    Lamia Vampire / Independent / Giovanni
    Lhiannan Vampire / Independent / Gangrel
    Tremere Antitribu Vampire / Sabbat / Tremere

    Resurrection and Other Noteworthy In-Character Events

    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    Other Supernatural to PC Wraith Vote Wraith
    Character Resurrection Vote Council
    Rebirth from Hell of a PC See Infernalism Wraith / Demon
    Use of Rite of the Death Bear Vote Changing Breeds
    Former Erebus Residents Coordinator Changing Breeds
    Klaivesmithing Notification Changing Breeds
    Other Supernatural to NPC Wraith Notification Wraith
    Vampires Becoming Human Notification Council
    Vampires Changing Clans (not including Apostates) Notification Council

    Blood Magic

    NPC’s may only teach Blood Magic with the consent of the appropriate Coordinator.

    Learning Blood Magic out of clan initially or a new paradigm requires a year of training. There are rituals that can reduce this time, use of such rituals requires notification of the appropriate Coordinator.

    Item Associated Coordinator
    Anarch Curses Vampire / Anarch
    Black Hand Aljusuri Rituals Vampire / Tel'Mah'Ra
    Black Hand Magi Dur-An-Ki Vampire / Tel'Mah'Ra
    Gangrel: Rune Wise Vampire / Camarilla / Gangrel
    Sadhanna Vampire / Independent / Ravnos
    Sabbat Inquisition Thaumaturgy Vampire / Sabbat
    Abyss Mysticism Vampire / Sabbat / Lasombra
    Bacaban Vampire / Sabbat / Followers of Set
    Akhu Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Dur-an-Ki / Sihr Vampire / Camarilla / Assamite
    Heremtic Thaumaturgy Vampire / Camarilla / Assamite
    Kolduism Vampire / Sabbat / Tzimisce
    Nahuallotl Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Voudon Necromancy Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Wanga Vampire / Independent / Followers of Set
    Western Necromancy Vampire / Independent / Giovanni
    Sielanic Thaumaturgy Vampire / Camarilla / Tremere


    Item Approval Required Associated Coordinator
    Characters with Pacts to Multiple Demons Notification Wraith / Demon
    Diabolism Coordinator Wraith / Demon
    Nephandi Notification Mage / Demo / Nephandi
    Non-Garou Walking the Spiral Notification Changing Breeds / Wyrm
    Removing, Escaping or Undoing Infernal Pacts Coordinator Wraith / Demon
    Greater Akuma Coordinator Vampire / Kuei-Jin / Demon
    Lesser Akuma Coordinator Vampire / Kuei-Jin / Demon
    Use of the Infernal Power Forsaken Vote Wraith / Demon
    Infernal Merit: Unbound Diabolist Notification Wraith / Demon