Lost Chronicles Charter


Lost Chronicles is a network of Classic World of Darkness Live Action Role Play (LARP) Chronicles, brought together for the purpose of enjoying a shared in–game universe. Participants believe in the sovereignty of each Chapter, so far as it does not impugn upon the cohesiveness of the organization as a whole, and further agree that treating each Chapter–and by extension each Player–with respect as the bedrock upon which sound, cooperative Storytelling takes place.

The Lost Chronicles Charter is an explanation of the purpose of Lost Chronicles, representing the spirit of the Bylaws, Code of Ethics and the other mechanisms for this group. This document is the filter through which any rule of the Organization is to be considered.

Global Story

Lost Chronicles exists to provide a global story in which its member Chapters coexist. Upon this global stage, each Chapter represents actors contributing a piece of the whole shared universe.

Actions and events that occur at the Chapter level have the ability to impact this shared universe and thus, the global story, just as things that occur on a larger scale in the shared universe can impact the Chapter. To facilitate this, Lost Chronicles has Coordinators whose task is to work with Storytellers to ensure plots and events occurring at various levels are conducive to the overall global story and its continuity.

Chapter Sovereignty

A key element of Lost Chronicles is that each Chapter is a sovereign entity within the organization. This sovereignty grants the Chapter certain rights: the creation of House Rules; the ability to disallow players, characters, or items; and the right of the Chapter to leave Lost Chronicles at will. This sovereignty is limited in that the chapter may not have house rules more permissive than Lost Chronicles’ regulations or other binding documents, prohibit valid in-character information from coming into their Chapter, completely ignore story or plot originating from other Chapter, or “redline” events that happened in other Chapters.

Accepting the Consequences

In the spirit of the game the Players accept a certain level of risk for their Character upon entering play. By signing in to a Chapter, Players agree they have read and understand the house rules of the Chapter they are attending and agree to the Storytellers’ final decisions within that Chapter.


The Players of Lost Chronicles form the dynamic heart and soul of Lost Chronicles’ shared story. Players are encouraged to interact with one and other in person at local or distant Chapter’s, events, or online through a variety of email lists or in email based scenes moderated by their Storytellers. All Players have the responsibility to portray Characters that adhere to the shared universe presented by Lost Chronicles and conduct themselves in a civilized manner when participating in Lost Chronicles activities, in person or online.


Each Chapter has a team of Storytellers, including, but not limited to a Head Storyteller and an Administrative Storyteller. Storytellers create and supervise the story of their Chapter, mediate disputes amongst local Players, maintain records of Characters based in their Chapter, and bear the responsibility to align their Chapter with the greater continuity of Lost Chronicles.


Lost Chronicles’ collective governing body is known as the Council of Chapters, made up of a Representative from each Chapter. The Council Representative acts as the voice for their Chapter, and notifies their Chapter of appropriate discussions and votes which may affect the Chapter. Each Council Representative is entitled, and encouraged, to cast a single vote on behalf of their Chapter for every vote put before council.

Administrative Coordinators

Administrative Coordinators shall be responsible for the overall governance of Lost Chronicles. Their primary focus shall be maintaining all necessary infrastructure (e.g. websites and finances) and relevant archives, while serving as regulators and adjudicators of all populations, powers, and continuity in the shared universe of Lost Chronicles. Administrative Coordinators shall also serve as arbitrators when conflicts arise between genre coordinators, Players, Storytellers, or a combination thereof. Additional duties include advising Chapters on matters of game mechanics, and integrating new games and genres into the shared universe.

Genre Coordinators

Genre Coordinators shall be advisor’s with regards to their respective genre, sect, or clan. Their primary focus is to serve as an additional resource for Players and Storytellers on mechanics related to their assigned genre. Additional responsibilities include managing the shared universe of Lost Chronicles (e.g. list serves, forums, the portrayal of non–player characters and territories), as well as the overall direction of their genre.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is intended to be a central guide and reference for the players, storytellers and coordinators in their day to day activities within the organization. It is meant to clarify the organization’s values and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct, and is ultimately a guide for members who face novel ethical situations and serves as a general statement of expectations for individuals who face situations with ethical dimensions.


Lost Chronicles’ Bylaws act as the organization’s binding rules detailing its procedures, positions, and policies, including rarity restrictions on playable Characters. All Chapters must operate within the parameters of these rules, and no Chapter’s house rules may be less restrictive than the Bylaws.

Base Rules

All game mechanics shall be derived from the most recently published White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theater Revised, 3rd Edition books, e.g. core rules books and clan books (i.e. not White Wolf novels), and Classic World of Darkness books by Onyx Path Publishing. Additional source material may be used in part or in whole as approved by Council. Genre Documents may be created only to clarify game mechanics, convert tabletop mechanics, correct print errors and rules omissions, clarify where Lost Chronicles has deviated from printed canon, and explain player made mechanics (e.g. magic and combo disciplines).