Coordinator Ethics


Ethics and integrity are the responsibility of each individual. Those who hold the position of Coordinator are expected to be well mannered, professional, and responsible in maintaining the duties described to them in the Coordinator Bylaws and when dealing with other members of this organization at all times in the course of their duties.


Volunteers for the Coordinator position should be well versed in the responsibilities that come with the position as defined in the Coordinator Bylaws. If such a point comes where the Coordinator becomes incapable of fulfilling those duties, it becomes the responsibility of the Coordinator to resign from the position until such time they can accept the commitments they made and fulfill the tasks needed for this Organization.

Coordinators must always uphold the standard Code of Ethics in place for all participants of the Organization, and are duty bound to report violations that they may uncover or witness.

When Dealing With Chapters

A Coordinator in Lost Chronicles is expected to deal with each Chapter fairly. The responsibilities governed by the Coordinator Bylaws are expected to be unilaterally fulfilled among all full member Chapters as well as Probationary and Applying Chapters. Personal opinions have no place in the discussions of any matter with a Chapter or members of a chapter. A Coordinator must assist Chapter in participating with the Organization on a Network Level and be available to respond to requests and inquires from all Chapters. A Coordinator must engage Chapters in a professional manner to guide them into the shared universe of the Organization and maintain each Chapter’s continuity within the organization. A Coordinator should be encouraging shared stories and inter-chapter collaboration with Chronicles.

When Dealing With Other Coordinators

As Coordinators are also members, they are entitled to be dealt with in such fashion that does not violate the general Code of Ethics. Coordinators should strive to coordinate local, regional, and org-wide issues with other Coordinators. They should not attempt to undermine or otherwise obstruct the duties of another Coordinator’s office or any Chapter.

When Dealing with Public, or Semi Public Social Media Platforms

Coordinators are elected or appointed officials of this organization. Their behavior, and decorum will always be a representation of the Public Image of this organization. Coordinators should exercise discretion when being antagonized or scrutinized, and instead seek mediation if need be. Creating a positive environment is the duty of each Member of this organization, and that does not end with Coordinators.