General Ethics


Ethics and integrity are the responsibility of each individual. Therefore, every player, staff member and coordinator is responsible for ethical conduct consistent with organizational and chapter policies. The Lost Chronicle Code of Ethics is a statement of our belief in ethical and professional behavior in all dealings within the Organization.


Members of the Organization are expected to practice responsibility. They are responsible to the Organization and their individual Chapters for their actions and their decision not to act. Each individual member is expected to conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Ethics in order to best serve the interests of the Organization and their Chapter.

All members are responsible for prompt reporting of any violations of this Code, or any other instances of reasonably suspected cheating, fraud or malfeasance. Members should report violations of this Code to their Storytelling staff. Violations of the Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary action. If the member is not comfortable reporting an incident through their Storytellers, the member should report the matter directly to the Executive Staff.

No member, storyteller or coordinator shall retaliate, in any manner, against an individual who reports a perceived conflict of interest matter pursuant to this policy. A member who makes such a report in bad faith shall be subject to disciplinary action.


All members of Lost Chronicles have an obligation to avoid activities or situations which may result in a conflict of interest. Members must not use their positions to secure special privileges or advantages for themselves or others. All members have an obligation to examine any situation in which they may have a conflict of interest and take steps to resolve the conflict.

Any member who is concerned that a conflict may exist or how to resolve it should consult with his/her Storyteller staff. Upon determination that a conflict of interest exists, appropriate action will be taken, through recusal, reassignment or other means to resolve the conflict of interest. No action will be taken without the opportunity for the involved member to be heard with regard to whether a conflict of interest exists and what action, if any, should be taken.


Lost Chronicle by-laws are designed to inform members about responsibilities, to set minimum standards, and to give the community notice of expectations. Members of the Organization are expected to transact all business in compliance with the by-laws and have an obligation to become familiar with those that affect their areas of responsibilities. Members of the Organization are expected to seek clarification from their Storytelling Staff, Council Member or other appropriate office on a policy or procedure that they find to be unclear, outdated, or in conflict with the practices of the Organization.