Rare 16th Century Tarot Card Found in Estate Auction

Another Tarot card from a deck created by the 16th century painter Giacinto deRose has been discovered in Culpeper VA. The card was found tucked away in a desk which had purchased at an estate sale. The card has been donated to The University of Virginia.

The deRose deck was made in 1510 as a gift to Cardinal Raffaele Riario. The entire deck was painted with the dense, almost cramped, symbolism common to deRoses work and is considered by many art historians as the man’s greatest work. After the Cardinal’s death in 1521 the deck was apparently divided between several of his heirs.

Over the centuries various cards from the deck have surfaced from time to time across Europe. Occult legend has attributed many powers to the cards of the deck and a 1984 Italian horror film, Carte dei Dannati, was based on these stories.

Two years ago another card from the deck was discovered in Culpeper among the personal effects of Wade C. Halford. His grandson, Richard, was later killed in a robbery and the card went missing. That card has never been recovered.

This finding has caused many to speculate that more of the deck may be found in the area.

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