Militia members captured


Culpeper, VA.   The Culpeper county sheriff’s office apprehended three alleged members of the violent separatists group known as the Jenkins’s militia this weekend.
Ron Tagart (34) his younger brother Jim Tagart (28) and Bryce Digan (19) were arrested during a break in at the Reva Volunteer Fire and Rescue station. The trio were in the process of emptying the medical supply room when they were discovered by fireman James Weedon. He and the EMT team managed to prevent the trio from escaping the building until deputies arrived. LAw enforcement officer were able to subdue the attackers , who were then taken into custody by the FBI.
Deputy Harry Smith and ambulance driver Joseph Newman were both wounded by the militiamen, but both were able to be released from the Hospital by Monday morning.
A vehicle belonging to the Tagart brothers was found at the site with over a dozen firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition.
The Jenkins militia, named for its leader Darnell Timothy Jenkins (41), has claimed responsibility for 3 bombings and over a dozen attacks on State and Federal officials since May of last year. Jekins is believed to have around thirty followers operating in the North Piedmont and Shenandoah valley. The group as been listed as a domestic terrorist organization.

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