Riot Leads To Campus Lock-down

Tensions remain high on the University of Virginia campus following last week’s riot. The conflict began when an arrest for public intoxication turned violent. Officer Pierce Smith was attacked and shot a student, John Radley.  Within minutes the campus had erupted as crowds of students attempted to assault police and EMT personnel.   The violence spread to nearby streets and several businesses were damaged.  A fire gutted the historic Paramount Theater.  Order was not restored until the next morning.

Classes resumed on  Monday, but the campus remains on a strict curfew. All bars in the nearby area have been closed for an indefinite time. Additional law enforcement personnel have been assigned to keep order.

Many students and their supporters have begun a campaign of signs and social media posts bearing the “Justice for Johnny” slogan.

Following last month’s riot in Winchester and recent issues in Fredericksburg these events have only increased fears of law abiding NVA residents.

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