Strange Shootout on South East Side

A warehouse near Valencia and Kolb in Tucson, AZ was the site of a bizarre occurrence Monday evening. According to the sole survivor of the incident a group of hairy men dressed in ponchos and wielding revolvers arrived at the warehouse on horseback. The group opened fire and killed everyone on the premises except a single woman who was incapacitated by a bottle being smashed against her head. Police found only dead bodies, a single unconscious woman, some loose horses, and over five hundred kilograms of cocaine when they arrived at the scene after receiving multiple calls regarding gunfire.

According to the witness, who has since been placed in protective custody, the warehouse was being run by members of the Sinoloa Federation, a cartel based in central and western Mexico. Because of this affiliation authorities believe it is likely that the men who assaulted the warehouse were either members of a rival cartel or a local drug concern

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