Young Cancer Patient Kills Cab Driver

Late in the evening of February fourteenth a six year old cancer patient, whose name is being kept confidential by authorities, escaped from hospice care after experiencing what her doctors have called “The worst drug interaction we’ve ever seen.” After slipping out of her room and the facility in nothing but a hospital style gown she somehow convinced a cab driver to take her to a bar called “The Traveler” in South Tucson. Upon arrival she stabbed the cab driver in the throat with a pair of medical scissors smuggled out of the hospice. She then stumbled into the bar where she immediately collapsed. Jordan Miles, the bar’s owner and operator, called the authorities immediately.

Security recordings from both the hospice and the bar show the patient stealing the scissors, leaving through a side exit, entering the taxi, arriving at the bar, and killing the cab driver.

Police currently have her under 24-hour watch at a new hospice where she is now tied down with bed restraints. Her doctors have claimed that this is unnecessary as she slipped into a coma following the events.

The District Attorney’s Office has yet to issue a statement regarding whether they will pursue a case against the young girl.

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