Public Safety Alert

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Public Safety Alert

By: Joseph Segal

If experimenting with drugs or have been doing drugs for a long time, please do not operate machinery or do complex task that might include for example helping friends take down the old tree in the backyard. Hospital that would like not to be mention is asking for people to stop trying to make hospital personal believe that  the reason you and your friends have splinters covering half of your bodies causing yourself to have serious cuts and injuries came from the Tree on its own decided that it did not enjoy its peaceful life anymore and went seeking adventure when it came life started to just randomly  reaching out and attacking you and your friends.

This is what happened last Saturday night, when 6 people came in seeking medical attention. Also, wanted to take this opportunity to give this advice that should be taken seriously, when anyone wishes to take do big tasks, like taking down a tree, it is best when both sober and during the day time.

Thank you for spending your time reading my article please wait till next time when more people ask for more advice on how to live wisely and healthy.

(please contact Court of Shadows for downtime action or investigation at

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