Regional Spike in Heroin Use Not Seen in the Eastern Panhandle or Shenandoah Valley

Following analysis of data beginning in 2012, the greater Mid-Atlantic region and state of West Virginia have experienced a 350% increase in the use of heroin, and a 600% increase in deaths from overdose.  The increase in deaths is attributed to the recent trend to enhance the drug with other substances, from horse tranquilizers to toilet bowl cleaner.

The local trend followed that of the surrounding region until approximately 18 months ago, when it began to reverse.  Reports of heroin use and overdose in the Shenandoah Valley, Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and west, including Romney and Berkeley Springs, have dropped to well below the national averages.  Authorities are unsure as to the cause of this shift, but many area parents, teachers, and first responders are simply grateful.

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