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The only 2015-2016 Head Administrator Applicant is Jason Robinson.
Please take a look at his application below and vote to either approve or deny him as the Head Administrator for the next term.

Your Full Name: Jason Robinson
Your email address:
Your phone number: 517-441-3040
Home chronicle: Winchester, VA - Winchester: Sins in the Valley
Position Sought: Executive Administrator

Gaming and Administrative Background:
ST Winchester: Sins in the Valley 2009 – Present
ST/Founder Anima Invictus (Fredricksburg, VA) 2008 - Present
ST Harrisonburg: Death in the Valley (Fredricksburg, VA) 2008 - Present
HST/Founder Overture of Apocalypse (Lansing, MI) 2004 - 2008
ST/Founder Fields of Rage (Iowa City, IA) 2001 - 2002
ST/Founder Rage Across the Dunes (Portage, IN) 2000 - 2001
ST L'ange Noir (Iowa City, IA) 2000 - 2002
ST Chicago: Enraged 2000 - 2002
ST Chicago Dark Requiem 1999-2000
Executive Administrator for Lost Chronicles 2014 - Present
Web Coord in OWBN 2008
Garou Coord in OWBN for 2001 - 2002

I have been role-playing since 1982. I progressed from dungeon delving to proper role-playing by the time I reached High School. I have created numerous worlds and settings across a wide range of settings from primitive fantasy to distant worlds. In the World of Darkness I found a setting that has wonderful depths to explore and was still malleable enough to tell almost any story that I could imagine. In 2010 I started the conversation of restructuring OWbN which eventually lead to the founding of Lost Chronicles. Over the last year I have been working with people to establish Process and Procedures as well as Character regulations. Over the next year I am hoping to focus on better establishing Lost Chronicles and helping to get things moving properly.

Pass the Process and Procedures through Council
Pass the Character Regulations through Council
Ensure that the regulated characters are recorded and receive the proper oversight
Have the the website revised
Generally maintain the well being of Lost Chronicles

  • Accept as Executive Administrator (8 votes)
  • Reject as Executive Administrator (0 votes)

Vote opened 6/10/2015

Vote closed 6/17/2015

Chronicle Name Vote Comment
Harrisonburg, VA: Death in the Valley Accept as Executive Administrator
Fredericksburg, VA: Anima Invictus Accept as Executive Administrator
Phoenix, AZ: Dark Desert Winds Accept as Executive Administrator
Tucson, AZ: Crucible Amidst the Sand Accept as Executive Administrator
Stockton, CA: Court of Shadows Accept as Executive Administrator
Winchester, VA: Sins in the Valley Accept as Executive Administrator
Malvern, PA: Valley of the Lone Wolf Accept as Executive Administrator
East Lansing, MI: Overture of Apocalypse Accept as Executive Administrator