Voting Results

The only 2015-2016 Membership Administrator Applicant is Rachel Rogers. Please take a look at her application below and vote to either approve or deny her as the Membership Administrator for the next term.

Hello! I would like the opportunity to continue to serve as Lost Chronicles' Membership Administrator

From whence I came:

  • CWoD LARPing since 2004
  • Storyteller/ OWbN CM for Winchester, VA on and off since 2006 (and Cam Sub-coord, Admissions Sub-coord in OWbN for a bit)
  • Part of LC from its conception
  • LC Membership Administrator, 2014- Present

What I've done for you lately:

  • Put together forms and Google Docs for each chapter
  • Got org-wide lists up and running
  • And maintain them
  • Worked with chapters
  • Helped new and established chapters weave themselves into our organization
  • Put together some promotional materials (t-shirts, banners, post cards, and tote bags) for chapters playing at Cons (1d4 Con and Kubla Con)
  • Wrote, a lot

Worked on:

  • Charter
  • Codes of Ethics
  • Regulations
  • Brujah, Baali, other, coming soon Genre Documents
  • Filled in sources for the Gangrel Genre Document
  • A handful of Justicar announcements
  • Canon NPC, Blood Magic research

What I hope to do:

  • Explore new means of outreach into the greater gaming community
  • Encourage involvement and interaction between chapters
  • Continue assisting Coordinators in their monumental task of establishing and fleshing out our IC world, making sure the OOC infrastructure suits their needs (mainly relating to lists)
  • Work toward us holding more event games in different regions
  • Finish creating and filling all of the IC lists we will eventually need, not just those we currently need.

Thank you!

Rachel Rogers-Rodgers

  • Accept as Membership Administrator (7 votes)
  • Reject as Membership Administrator (0 votes)

Vote opened 7/07/2015

Vote closed 7/14/2015

Chronicle Name Vote Comment
Harrisonburg, VA: Death in the Valley Accept as Membership Administrator
Fredericksburg, VA: Anima Invictus Accept as Membership Administrator
Phoenix, AZ: Dark Desert Winds Accept as Membership Administrator
Tucson, AZ: Crucible Amidst the Sand Accept as Membership Administrator
Stockton, CA: Court of Shadows Accept as Membership Administrator
Winchester, VA: Sins in the Valley Accept as Membership Administrator
Malvern, PA: Valley of the Lone Wolf Accept as Membership Administrator
East Lansing, MI: Overture of Apocalypse