Voting Results

The Vampire Coordinator applicants are Nathan Brown and Brian Goudie. Please take a look at their applications below and vote for the person your chronicle thinks should be the Vampire Coordinator for the next term.

Nathan Brown's Application
Brian Goudie's Application
  • Nathan Brown (3 votes)
  • Brian Goudie (4 votes)
  • Reject Applicants (0 votes)

Vote opened 7/07/2015

Vote closed 7/14/2015

Chronicle Name Vote Comment
Harrisonburg, VA: Death in the Valley Brian Goudie
Fredericksburg, VA: Anima Invictus Brian Goudie
Phoenix, AZ: Dark Desert Winds Nathan Brown
Tucson, AZ: Crucible Amidst the Sand Nathan Brown
Stockton, CA: Court of Shadows Nathan Brown
Winchester, VA: Sins in the Valley Brian Goudie
Malvern, PA: Valley of the Lone Wolf Brian Goudie
East Lansing, MI: Overture of Apocalypse