Voting Results

The only 2015-2016 Wraith Coordinator Applicant is Amy Begnoche. Please take a look at her application below and vote to either approve or deny her as the Wraith Coordinator for the next term.

In support of my application, I can state that I have done the following:

  • Wraith Coordinator of Lost Chronicles since 10/2014
  • Wraith Sub Coordinator of OWBN since 12/2012
  • HST of Blackened Veins in OWBN - 6/2011 to 9/2014
  • ST of London by Gaslight, an Independent Victorian game - 2002 - 2005
  • ST of Dark Carpathia, an Independent Dark Ages game - 1999 - 2002
  • Player in World of Darkness
    -- LARP - 1993 to present
    -- tabletop - 1992 - 2005 (ish)

I have always loved wraiths, and although I think the World of Darkness system is clunky and a little cumbersome, I've learned to work with it. Since Lost Chronicles started, I haven't had much to do as the Wraith Coordinator, but I like being here, giving ideas, and setting a good example.

I hope you will consider my application favorably. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Accept as Wraith Coordinator (7 votes)
  • Reject as Wraith Coordinator (0 votes)

Vote opened 7/07/2015

Vote closed 7/14/2015

Chronicle Name Vote Comment
Harrisonburg, VA: Death in the Valley Accept as Wraith Coordinator
Fredericksburg, VA: Anima Invictus Accept as Wraith Coordinator
Phoenix, AZ: Dark Desert Winds Accept as Wraith Coordinator
Tucson, AZ: Crucible Amidst the Sand Accept as Wraith Coordinator
Stockton, CA: Court of Shadows Accept as Wraith Coordinator
Winchester, VA: Sins in the Valley Accept as Wraith Coordinator
Malvern, PA: Valley of the Lone Wolf Accept as Wraith Coordinator
East Lansing, MI: Overture of Apocalypse