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Fredericksburg Water Contamination Finally Under Control

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Since April 2016, the water supply of Fredericksburg, VA has been contaminated with what was believed to be cholera.  The CDC tested and treated the water twice with no effect, causing them to expand their range of testing to include other organisms while the number of infected people increased.  The contaminant was ultimately determined to be a bacterium known as cryptosporidium, which presents with symptoms similar to that of cholera but is more difficult to identify.

Much to their bafflement, the first attempt at treating the water was unsuccessful, resulting in further infection among the populous and requiring a second attempt.  Said a CDC representative, “The treatment worked the second time, but it shouldn’t have been necessary.  All protocols were followed and there was no reason to think the contamination would continue.  From the looks of the water treatment plant, the water never should have been infected in the first place.  Their equipment is well-maintained and up to regulatory standards.  All their safeguards are in place.  It’s just plain weird, to be frank.”

Overall there were sixty-five reported cases of infection, and twelve fatalities.