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Drug Bust in Rural Virginia

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Culpeper, VA- This evening, DEA agents successfully conducted a raid on the Old Monastery Vineyard located outside of Culpeper, VA.   Contacts report that they seized over 2 million dollars in illegal drugs in the operation. 

Police say that the operation is still ongoing as they are searching for other suspects involved with the ring at this time, but are confident that these additional suspects will be rounded up very soon.

Church officials refused to release a statement at this time.

Militia members captured

Monday, February 29th, 2016


Culpeper, VA.   The Culpeper county sheriff’s office apprehended three alleged members of the violent separatists group known as the Jenkins’s militia this weekend.
Ron Tagart (34) his younger brother Jim Tagart (28) and Bryce Digan (19) were arrested during a break in at the Reva Volunteer Fire and Rescue station. The trio were in the process of emptying the medical supply room when they were discovered by fireman James Weedon. He and the EMT team managed to prevent the trio from escaping the building until deputies arrived. LAw enforcement officer were able to subdue the attackers , who were then taken into custody by the FBI.
Deputy Harry Smith and ambulance driver Joseph Newman were both wounded by the militiamen, but both were able to be released from the Hospital by Monday morning.
A vehicle belonging to the Tagart brothers was found at the site with over a dozen firearms and several hundred rounds of ammunition.
The Jenkins militia, named for its leader Darnell Timothy Jenkins (41), has claimed responsibility for 3 bombings and over a dozen attacks on State and Federal officials since May of last year. Jekins is believed to have around thirty followers operating in the North Piedmont and Shenandoah valley. The group as been listed as a domestic terrorist organization.

Riots At the University of Virginia Campus

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

After several days of unrest and violence order seems to be restored to the UVA campus in Charlottesville, VA.
A riot began on the evening of the 15th following the acquittal of three Charlottesville policemen for their part in the January shooting of a student and the subsequent unrest. Angry protesters and students stormed the county courthouse and several buildings on campus.
Authorities secured the courthouse by the following morning. The last rioters were not dispersed on campus until Friday night.
Damage estimates are still being prepared.

Student Volunteers Save Historical District from Fire.

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

A major fire broke in Lexington, VA on Tuesday the 21st. The blaze began at a gas station and spread to several nearby buildings. High winds pushed the flames in the direction of the historic downtown district.
Local firefighters were joined by cadets from the Virginia Military Institute and students from Washington and Lee University. Together they contained the fire and prevented damage to the many historical buildings in the area.

Evangelist Courts Controversy

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

A Culpeper VA minister has created a controversy in the last few weeks with his popular Radio/podcast show “The Light of the Lord.”  Reverend G. Atwater, of Testament of Christ Church, is no stranger to outrage, having attracted a great deal of attention last year with an effort to prevent the remains of a pagan US Marine  from being interred in Culpeper National Cemetery.

One of his recent series of topics has drawn considerable criticism from Feminist and Anti-Domestic violence groups.  The program “She Shall Be Burnt With Fire” has been described as “a call for violence against women.”  In the program the Reverend agued that any woman who has had sex out of wedlock must be considered a whore and drew upon Leviticus 21:9 to declare they must have no part in the community of Christians.”

He followed this with “Separating the Daughters of Eve from the Daughters of Lilith.” which was full of claims that many women’s soul are actually the foul spawn of Lilith and should not be seen as the children of God.

The Reverend issued a statement in answer to the claims. “While I am certainly not instructing any one to act on their own, the Lord’s judgment is not to be denied. Any daughter of a Christian who plays the harlot is the same as a daughter of priest in the Old Testament.  The Lord shall see that they burn in the lake of fire. All we need to do is be sure to cut such trollops out of our lives, lest they cause sin to spread.”

Milton Fitzhughs, Philanthropist and Politician, Reported Missing

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Authorities in Culpeper,Virginia have announced that Former Commonwealth Senator Milton Philmore FitzHughs has been missing for two days. Senator FitzHughs, 78, had a long career in Virginia politics where he was known for supporting education, the arts and preservation of Historical sites. Since his retirement he has served on the boards of many charitable organizations.

Senator FitzHughs was last seen at his home Thursday afternoon. Police investigators say his cell phone, wallet and car all remain at the house.

Though no ransom demands have been made, many speculate this could be a kidnapping due to his family’s large fortune

Carbon Monoxide to Blame in Fatal College Party

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Tragedy struck last Thursday in Ruckersville, VA when seventeen young adults succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning at a party. Police blame space heaters that were being used to heat the abandoned house where the party was being held. A memorial service is scheduled for Monday.

( Out of Character note for Garou and Fera players only: The people who died in Ruckersville were all kinfolk from the Black Furies, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Shadow Lord, Silverfang and Uktena tribes)

National Cemetery Vandalized by Hate Group

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Neo-Nazi graffiti was found on several graves at the Culpeper National Cemetery in Culpeper, VA this week. The cemetery was the site of a stand off in 1967 when members of the American Nazi Party attempted to fly Nazi banners at the funeral of their slain leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, in violation of Police and Veteran’s Administration instructions.

There have been a number of incidents involving neo-nazi groups and the cemetery over the years. Local members of the ADL have noted a upswing in anti-Semitic activities in the past year. The FBI and Homeland Security currently have a task force in Culpeper county investigating right wing domestic terrorist groups.

Rare 16th Century Tarot Card Found in Estate Auction

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Another Tarot card from a deck created by the 16th century painter Giacinto deRose has been discovered in Culpeper VA. The card was found tucked away in a desk which had purchased at an estate sale. The card has been donated to The University of Virginia.

The deRose deck was made in 1510 as a gift to Cardinal Raffaele Riario. The entire deck was painted with the dense, almost cramped, symbolism common to deRoses work and is considered by many art historians as the man’s greatest work. After the Cardinal’s death in 1521 the deck was apparently divided between several of his heirs.

Over the centuries various cards from the deck have surfaced from time to time across Europe. Occult legend has attributed many powers to the cards of the deck and a 1984 Italian horror film, Carte dei Dannati, was based on these stories.

Two years ago another card from the deck was discovered in Culpeper among the personal effects of Wade C. Halford. His grandson, Richard, was later killed in a robbery and the card went missing. That card has never been recovered.

This finding has caused many to speculate that more of the deck may be found in the area.

Popular Young Composer to Appear on PBS Special

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Linh Shang Meng, creator of the award wining short film Terror and Confusion In a Disturbed Minor, has won a grant from the Merryweather foundation to film a performance of her recently debuted opera, The Forest of Lost Girls, for PBS.

Ms. Meng, who burst onto the art scene two years ago has so far staged two performances of her opera, all to rave reviews. The haunting tale of a traveler’s encounters with a string of ghosts has been described as “part Spoon River Anthology, part Chinese folktale and part feminist critique of the highest caliber.” Copies of the music and certain of the segments are available online.

The performance will be filmed over the winter with a planned air date of next October.

Fashion House and Internet Personality Announce Partnership

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Alternative fashion model and performer Ataxia Elegante is rumored to be in negotiations with clothing design studio House of Lourdes and Jarvis Textiles on a new internet project.

Ataxia, a well known face in social media circles, was in Culpeper where she spent an evening at the exclusive Club Dionysus and its proprietor, Debbie Jarvis, owner of Jarvis Industries. Ataxia posted on her FB page that “something big would be coming after tonight’s party.”

As the week has gone on pictures were posted of her at the House of Lourdes studio and several tweets seem to provide support to the project rumors.