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Body Stolen from Morgue

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Harrisonburg, VA-  The corpse of Connor Wilcox, which was being held as evidence in the ongoing investigation into the murder of the local philanthropist,  was stolen from the morgue last night.

Local Philanthropist Found Dead

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Harrisonburg, Virginia- The body of local philanthropist Connor Wilcox was found in Hillandale Park early this morning.  The Harrisonburg Police Department has put out a request for reports of any unusual activity in that area from 10PM to 3AM.

Massive Blackout in Shenandoah Valley

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Harrisonburg, Virginia- The valley went dark tonight as power was lost throughout the region at 11:00 PM.  The grid was brought back up by 2:30, though some isolated areas may still be without power.  A representative from the Valley Electric Cooperative states that initial assessments indicate that this was a wide-scale brownout.

Some area residents have also reported a loss of phone service, but no representatives have been available to comment on or confirm these allegations.  As of the publishing of this article, cellular and landline phones seem to be in normal operation, and our lights are on.


Harrisonburg Family, Students Perish in House Fire

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Harrisonburg, VA- The home of the Page family erupted in fire last night, killing all four members of the family and four local college students who were in the house at the time of the tragedy.  Fire spread through the interior of the building before firefighters reached the scene.  Preliminary investigations into the cause of the blaze point to a slow leak from an older model gas furnace.

A spokesman from Rockingham Gas has put out a statement reminding everyone to have their gas furnaces inspected annually, and if they smell a leak, to report it immediately.

Harrisonburg Virginia Placed Under Quarantine

Monday, May 9th, 2016

Harrisonburg, VA – Beginning at 6:00 AM this morning the city of Harrisonburg, VA was placed under quarantine in an effort to stop the spread of the illness dubbed “the sweating fever.” A week after the first cases were reported the CDC announced that the mystery illness has reached epidemic levels in the city.

The illness has some similarity to hantavirus and the symptoms are close to that of the “English Sweats” a plague that ravaged the British Isles in the 16th century. The disease runs a course of chills, severe pains, and high fevers. The disease acts quickly, usually progressing in matter of two days. Sixty people have died so far in this outbreak. Anyone who may have had contact with Harrisonburg in the past two weeks who demonstrate these symptoms are urged to seek medical care as soon as possible.

The Government has set up medical aid stations in the city and are working to maintain order in the stricken city.

Mystery Illness Strikes Harrisonburg

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Harrisonburg, VA – Health officials have reported an as of yet unidentified illness in the area surrounding Harrisonburg, VA. There have been sixteen cases reported in area hospitals, of which six of the patients have died.

The disease’s symptoms include a rapid onset of chills and severe muscle pains followed by a high fever, uncontrollable sweating, heart palpitations, delirium and then extreme exhaustion. In the cases where death has occurred authorities believe a combination of damage due to Hyperpyrexia and over-stressing of the heart are to blame.

The CDC has put out an alert for the surrounding area, telling people to seek medical attention at the first sign of symptoms given the fast onset time, and the high mortality rate seen thus far.

Flat Top Mountain Burns

Sunday, May 1st, 2016
Roanoke, VA- A large section of forest along the Blue Ridge Parkway, near Bedford, Virginia caught fire last night. The first call came in at 12:35 AM, and by 2:00 AM, the time the fire had already claimed 3,300 acres of forest.  Emergency personnel from Buchanan, Bedford, and Evington were the first on the scene, with support from Lynchburg this morning.  As of 2:00 PM Sunday, the fire has been mostly contained.
Parts of State Routes 43, 640, and 766 remain closed to non-emergency traffic. Residents on these roads, and guests and staff of the Peaks of Otter Resort have been evacuated.  The resort and its trails have been severely damaged.  Homes, farms, and businesses hear the bottom of the mountain have also sustained damage.

It is believed that the cause of this fast-spreading forest fire was human, probably from a lit cigarette, after an unseasonably dry April.

“Forest fires are a natural thing, clearing out the underbrush and burning off past years’ leaves.  We don’t have them as often as we used to, that, plus a dry spring this year, and you get a big, hot fire.  The challenge we still face is keeping it away from homes and businesses.  In twenty years, I’ve not ever seen [a fire] spread that fast.  The conditions were just all wrong.  I never thought I’d see a fire tornado with my own eyes.” commented Matt Devereaux, chief of the Bedford Fire Department, “My heart goes out to the Peaks of Otter Resort folks.”
UPDATE: 05/01/16 – Heavy rain has pounded the Roanoke and Lynchburg areas, leading to localized flash flooding and offering a reprieve to area firefighters, battling Sunday’s forest fire near Bedford.  With this rain, the fire is now considered to be under control, though flare-ups remain a possibility.

West Virginia Coal Mine Disaster

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

A collapse and fire on Monday at the newly reopened Ashford Coal Mine, near Charlston, purchased last year by Wilder Mining Co. Inc., is believed to have claimed the lives of at least sixty-two workers just weeks after resuming operation. Twenty-three other miners are unaccounted for and believed to be trapped, but were outside of the area of the initial fire. The mine had been closed in 2004, following an accident at a nearby coal mine which caused the bankruptcy of the previous mining company.

It is expected to be several days before help can reach the trapped miners if the fire remains contained, and may be months before the fires die down enough to investigate the initial collapse.

Mathematician Murdered at Area Pub.

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Harrisonburg, VA – James Madison University Professor William Watly was found murdered at the Old Mill Pub near campus. Professor Watley was able to call the police during the attack, but they arrived too late. A reward of $5,000 is being offered by the University for any information resulting in a conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators of this terrible crime. Professor Watly had been teaching Mathematics at the institution since 2001. Professor Watly created the Watley Theorem for intersecting manifolds.

Chemical Spill Closes Interstate

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Saturday July 4th
An accident on I-81 /I-64 resulted in a spill of Uranium hexaflouride being transported to Oak Ridge Nation Laboratory. The spill caused the closing of both north and south bound sections of the interstate. All traffic is being rerouted onto alternate routes creating major traffic blockage in the Shenandoah valley.

Clean up of the spill has begun but authorities expect the Interstate to remain closed for several days.  The exact scale of the contamination is still being determined.

Riot Leads To Campus Lock-down

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Tensions remain high on the University of Virginia campus following last week’s riot. The conflict began when an arrest for public intoxication turned violent. Officer Pierce Smith was attacked and shot a student, John Radley.  Within minutes the campus had erupted as crowds of students attempted to assault police and EMT personnel.   The violence spread to nearby streets and several businesses were damaged.  A fire gutted the historic Paramount Theater.  Order was not restored until the next morning.

Classes resumed on  Monday, but the campus remains on a strict curfew. All bars in the nearby area have been closed for an indefinite time. Additional law enforcement personnel have been assigned to keep order.

Many students and their supporters have begun a campaign of signs and social media posts bearing the “Justice for Johnny” slogan.

Following last month’s riot in Winchester and recent issues in Fredericksburg these events have only increased fears of law abiding NVA residents.

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