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Tragic Accident in Warminster

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

Warminster, PA- The St. John Boscov’s Massacre Tragedy struck Warminster Pennsylvania on Friday May 13th, in what is being called a freak accident 32 people died on the Cyclotron – a carnival ride.  Families looked on in horror as what would normally be a fun-filled adventure became a bloodbath, the ride having a catastrophic failure dropping the cabin of the ride plummeting to the asphalt below.  The ride operator Robert Barnell was a army veteran – investigations on his whereabouts are still unknown.

Camera footage from local traffic cameras do not provide conclusive counts on how many were on the ride at the time of the accident, many bodies were unidentifiable leaving many missing persons cases to be resolved – and many more grieving families left with questions unanswered.  Witnesses on the scene described it as “a horror I will never be able to forget.” Massive damage was sustained by the property and the church facilities.

It is a miracle that more people weren’t harmed, multiple witnesses on the scene were taken to the hospital for psychological trauma and wounds associated to the accident.  We recommend taking a visit to our website and viewing video footage we have from the scene of the accident.  Our hearts go our to all the poor angels who were lost on this day.