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Filming Starts in San Francisco

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The rumors around the city are true, the Blue Suns Entertainment Company is going to be capitalizing on the trending Vampire TV shows and making a trilogy of drama and action movies about 2 Houses of vampires clashing in a everything goes war.  It is using new filming staff and going to either make or break new talent that has been trying to make it mainstream in Hollywood. This series of movies is going to be shot all at the same time so that epic story line flows from beginning to end and filming staff are able to completely stay within the mind sets of their characters. They have several permits throughout the city and will be filming mostly at night to keep with the theme of Vampires. No Day Light Rings in this series. There have already been some minor power surges on set that have cause some of their lights to flash several times very brightly than stop, and have passed on their apologies to those that call the City of San Francisco home.


The release date for these movies  is spring of 2018. I myself like several others will be waiting for any more information and the release of this Movie.

Stockton CA – State of Emergency

Monday, September 26th, 2016

On Sept 17th At 11 pm Saturday night all hell broke loose around Stockton CA. With cruel efficiency a series of Terrorist attacks happened that resulted in the destruction of many key landmarks around the Stockton area. The police department and court house were targeted with explosives as well as the hospital. There were also massive amounts of rioting and arson claiming quite a few historical buildings as well.

The National Guard was called in to help with the rioting, as well a state of emergency plus a curfew were established later that evening and continues to be held while the assailants are being investigated into. The Mayor will have more to speak later this week as he settles into a temporary residence outside the city at this time.

Public Safety Alert

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Advice Column

Public Safety Alert

By: Joseph Segal

If experimenting with drugs or have been doing drugs for a long time, please do not operate machinery or do complex task that might include for example helping friends take down the old tree in the backyard. Hospital that would like not to be mention is asking for people to stop trying to make hospital personal believe that  the reason you and your friends have splinters covering half of your bodies causing yourself to have serious cuts and injuries came from the Tree on its own decided that it did not enjoy its peaceful life anymore and went seeking adventure when it came life started to just randomly  reaching out and attacking you and your friends.

This is what happened last Saturday night, when 6 people came in seeking medical attention. Also, wanted to take this opportunity to give this advice that should be taken seriously, when anyone wishes to take do big tasks, like taking down a tree, it is best when both sober and during the day time.

Thank you for spending your time reading my article please wait till next time when more people ask for more advice on how to live wisely and healthy.

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People Drained of Blood

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Many people have been reportedly going to the hospital over being dizziness and light headed.  These patients were admitted and studied and one doctor discovered they each had sever blood loss symptoms.

What could of done this you ask? Why they are low on blood! It is unclear as to the why they are low, but in each case it had been retorted that there is a set of puncture marks on the skin of each patient.  These wounds seem to relate to a arachnid but are much wider spread than any they have seen.

There have been ten such people retorted so far and possibly many more to come. Are vampires real? Is this a stunt for a new movie coming out this summer? Is spiderman among us? Who can say but only time will tell where the next bite will fall.

Stockton Gang Violence Growing

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Today the Head of the Police released a statement today concerning the growing concern of gang violence.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I know that many of you have worried over the last few months why there have been an increase in crime within our normally peaceful city of (name). I address you today with the intention of helping alleviate those concerns by telling you what we your men in blue have done.

We have expanded the amount of hours our police force will be working to keep you safe.  We have also requested additional help from the state to bolster our numbers temporarily until the crime rate has been lowered. You can all relax and know that you are safer because we will work harder for you.”

This was followed by answers to individual questions and then the conference was called.

The people still wonder if these precautions will be enough to keep their families safe. One such concern is the expansive reach of a drug that the kids have been getting a hold of called Krokodile. It is being distributed to uncounted amounts of people within the city and violence has sprouted around these dealings many times over the last couple months as well.

Be wary and be safe.

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Police Looking For Serial Arsonist

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Authorities have issued a $10,000.00 reward for information that leads them to the capture and conviction of a Serial Arsonist. 26 people were found dead over the course of a week. Each person had been burned to death in their homes while sleeping. Additionally, four people received 3rd degree burns and are being treated at St Josephs Medical Center in the ICU. No statements have been made by the surviving victims or their families. Local authorities have reached out to the FBI for assistance on this mass murder. Statements from the the Chief of the Stockton fire department support that these incidents were “calculated and measured to ensure death of the victims and little to no property damage in the process

Medical Examiner Charge with Negligence

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

((Pictured above is the Stockton Chief Medical Examiner in front of the Stockton Courthouse leaving quickly, folder in front of his face, accompanied by a team of lawyers and other reporters trying to get a statement. ))

As you can see the Chief Medical Examiner has declined to comment about the charge of negligence being brought up on him by the Stockton DA office. The DA alleges the chief Medical Examiner may be working with some black market organ sellers. The only public statement issued by the Chief Medical Examiner was this:

“I wish there was more of an answer I could give, but the bodies of the 4 homeless men found brutally murdered have simply vanished.

It was shortly after that statement, that the attorney representing the Chief Medical Examiner, ordered he release no further statements. While the tragedy of losing these 4 individuals has rocked the city, and what is thought to be one of the most grievous murders in years, the disappearance of all of the victim’s cadavers has many people speculating many things

Church Fire Kills 6 People

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

A large propane explosion at the Warriors of God Church Center killed 6 last night.

The Warriors of God, a non-denominational church group comprised primarily of police and ex-military burned to the ground last night due to an explosion in the buildings propane tank. The cause of the explosion is currently unknown, but Lodi Fire Department’s chief arson investigator,Steafan Grant Paterson, is looking in to the issue personally.

“We do not yet know the cause of the explosion, ” said Chief Investigator Paterson, “but are not ruling anything out at this time.”

Memorial services for the victims are being held at undisclosed times and locations throughout the week. In lieu of gifts of support, families and friends are encouraging donations to either the Wounded Warrior Project, Take Back the Night, or their local parishes