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Academic Societies or Cults?

Friday, December 8th, 2017

Winchester, VA- In what may be considered a recent phenomenon, a resurgence in the popularity of secret societies and academic societies has spread through the Winchester area.

Books-a-Million and Ye Olde Book Gallery have both reported surprising growth since 2014, despite increasing competition from online companies like Amazon.  “It was a real surprise, I thought I was going to have to switch careers so I could retire in a few years- not a happy prospect- but the shop’s sales went from decline to nearly doubling,” said Stan Carver, owner of Ye Olde Book Gallery and self-professed “casual member” of one of the new societies.

“It’s great!  I love the opportunity to get out, learn some things, and meet others with shared interests,” commented Emily Poe of White Post.  Ms. Poe is a local artist, and was dressed in a late Victorian style day gown and tinted glasses at the time of interview.

Other local residents are not as pleased. “It’s occult and satanism and smut, taking root in our Christian community,” Stephens City resident and community organizer Donna Stevenson said, “right under our noses.  One of my neighbors, who I’d thought better of, tried to convince me to go with her to experience ‘sharing love’ with people who aren’t our husbands!  Can we trust our neighbors when they might be part of a group like that, or worse?!”

Psychic Fair Coming to Charm Stone Resort at Forks of Cacapon

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Winchester, VA- Charm Stone Lodge and Resort is pleased to host ‘The Psychic Fair’, December 7-10. Wander an emporium of magical gifts, meet real practicing Witches, and make an appointment with one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s talented psychic readers as you delve into your destiny!

The Psychic Fair Features:

Tarot Card Readings

What’s in the cards for you? Explore the ancient symbols of the Tarot cards and find out!

Clairvoyant Vision

The second sight has been used by Witches since time began. What will they see for you?

Spirit Mediumship

Visit the medium to communicate with those who have departed. Discover their message!

Palm Readings

It is said that your hand can tell your fate. What do the lines of your hand tell?

Crystal Ball Scrying

What may seem like a fanciful idea, the crystal is a portal to the mind’s eye. See into reflections of what is to come.

Angels and Spirit Guides

Do you have someone looking out for you up there? Find out and discover how they can help you to realize your destiny!

Past Life Readings

Who were you? Were you alive before? Learn the mysteries of your past lives and discover what they mean for this life!

While visiting the Psychic Fair, be sure to explore our Enchanted Alley, a magical marketplace of vendors offering crystals, jewelry, magnetite, sun catchers, spell kits, books of shadows, enchanted candles, voodoo dolls, herbs, incense, pendulums and pendulum boards, wands, books, divination tools, and much more!

Martinsburg’s Trendy Revitalization

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Martinsburg, WV- The Panhandle Urban Renewal Board has announced an ambitious plan to redevelop Martinsburg’s downtown with the support of many local businesses and private donors.  The plans include widening roads to allow for more street parking, upgrading the street lights, and rezoning portions of the old industrial area to light commercial, with incentives available for new businesses, and residential.  Building has begun on mid-to-high end town homes and apartments within walking distance of the planned shops and restaurants.  More of the “New Oldtown” will be open in early 2018.

Video Captures Urban War Zone in Advertisement for Upcoming Action Film

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Washington, D.C.- The shaky footage depicts a very different image than we all have for small cities in the United States.  This looks like Detroit met Mad Max or Escape from New York, plus a backdrop of a pastoral valley of green space and hills, and with a filming style reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield.  Released as an innovative teaser trailer for the in-production Action movie, Fury Brigade, the video prompted a strong local reaction after it was widely shared online without attribution.  Dark Light Studios has asked for these illegal copies of their video to be taken down.

While the setting is a fictional city, much of the filming has taken place Martinsburg, West Virginia.  “The post-Industrial Revolution boom of the town left a lot of good choices for on-location shooting, and there’s plenty of space to be used,” said Director, Mike Grant, known for his recent film, Clone Force, “It’s been great working in the area.”

Anyone who would like to view the teaser trailer for Fury Brigade, by Dark Light Studios, should go to their official website or YouTube channel.

We had previously reported on this video and would like to issue this article as a formal correction for our error.


Teen’s Shocking Video Goes Viral

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Washington, D.C.- A teenaged boy has brought a startling video of violence, taken with his cellphone, to the eyes of the world.  The video, which has spread across social media sites, having been at the time of press shared over two million times, begins with a sandy-haired young man in the back of a car, riding through a city at night.

It opens with a brief introduction, “S***!  Y’all’ve gotta see this”, and then the camera pans to record the scene out his window: an armored SUV, surrounded by armed men on foot, blocks an intersection by a highway overpass.  As the car he rides in turns, sounds of gunfire begin.  In the opposite lane, a man in black leather leaps at one of three armed people in military-style clothing and body armor, beats him, almost faster than the eye can see, then throws his body into oncoming traffic.  Shots continue to be fired at the man, who picks up and throws a car at the two remaining militia members.

The location of the incident shown is believed by our news team to be Martinsburg, West Virginia.  The young man in the first seconds of the video and his family have not been available for comment.  Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact us.

Accident Closes Route 9 East of Martinsburg

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Martinsburg, WV- A multi-vehicle accident, involving a number of large SUVs has damaged an overpass and forced closure of Route 9 near Kearneysville, both eastbound and westbound.  There have also been reports of gunfire on the scene.

Opioid Use at All-Time High

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Charleston- West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services reports that based upon overdose rates, illegal use of opioids across the state has exceeded last year’s statistics.  The epidemic is most concentrated in the eastern panhandle.  There has also been a marked rise in the use of ‘party drugs’ throughout the state.

Homicide, Vehicular Arson on Queen Street

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Martinsburg, West Virginia- Six parked vehicles were burned in what is believed to be arson-homicide early this morning, along Queen Street in downtown Martinsburg.  Five sets of remains have been found, but no identifications have been made.

Homeless Shelters and Non-Profits Sacked

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Martinsburg, WV- In a new wave of civil disobedience and violence, five separate locations- three shelters, a food pantry, and a thrift shop- have been robbed and vandalized since the beginning of the year.  There were two similar incidents in late December.  Police are looking for leads on what has been described as a group of men in used or generic military clothing and gear as the suspected perpetrators.

Devil’s Night Arson Claims Old Town Landmark, Seven Homes

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Winchester, VA- On October 29th, vandals celebrated Devil’s Night early with mass arson in the Friendship Park neighborhood.  In the course of the night, seven historical houses and the Old Stone Church were destroyed.  Three neighboring houses sustained damage.  No arrests have been made.  Rewards leading to the arrest and conviction of these individuals are available.

With the frequency of problems during events, Winchester City Council has voted to suspended all public holiday celebrations within the city.

Grizzly Discovery on the Shenandoah

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Festival-goers along the Shenandoah River got a grisly surprise as human body parts washed ashore this weekend. Another incident was reported in Shannondale, West Virginia, by a resident walking her dog along the river.

The remains have been identified as Daniel Fitzgerald, son of Warren County Board of Supervisors member Bradley Fitzgerald. Daniel has been missing since July 31st. Police are looking for any information in connection to this crime, and rewards will be offered for information that leads to an arrest.

Meteorite Strike in Strasburg Virginia

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

At approximately 10:30pm last night a fireball was seen in the in the vicinity of Strasburg, VA a small but troubled community in the Shenandoah Valley. The fireball lit up the sky as far away as neighboring Kernstown, VA resulting in a number of calls to authorities. The strike happened at a now defunct Paintball range which ignited a number of structures on the property.

Strasburg and Shenandoah County fire teams arrived on-site just before 11pm and worked to contain the blaze until just before 1am this morning.

Investigators from James Madison University departments of Astrophysics and Geology have begun to survey are the area to more definitively define the incident. An expert described the event as a type IIIb Fireball which is commonly caused by comets.

Major Route Closed

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Charles Town, WV- Route 340/Route 9 is closed near Charles Town. Reports indicate an ongoing clash between heavily armed private militias. West Virginia State Police have staged a blockade at the intersection with Augustine Ave. Virginia State Police are monitoring the state line at 340 and Summit Point Rd.

Cholera Contained in Jefferson County

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Martinsburg, WV – Officials with the Jefferson County, WV Health Department say there is no public health risk following a reported case of cholera earlier in March 2016. Jefferson County Health Department, said the health department was contacted on 4 Mar 2016 by state officials who said a female food service worker in Jefferson County had contracted cholera.

The CDC states that an estimated 3 million to 5 million cases of cholera and more than 100 000 deaths from the disease occur each year around the world. The official said cholera outbreaks typically take place in developing countries without proper drinking water treatment and sanitation. “The CDC and World Health Organization say that almost all cases of cholera in the U.S. involve travel to areas still endemic with cholera. If someone returns from or eats food from a country where cholera is present, they can get it.” The CDC reported 70 cases of cholera in the U.S. in 2012, and all of them are suspected to be foreign travel-related.

Regional Spike in Heroin Use Not Seen in the Eastern Panhandle or Shenandoah Valley

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Following analysis of data beginning in 2012, the greater Mid-Atlantic region and state of West Virginia have experienced a 350% increase in the use of heroin, and a 600% increase in deaths from overdose.  The increase in deaths is attributed to the recent trend to enhance the drug with other substances, from horse tranquilizers to toilet bowl cleaner.

The local trend followed that of the surrounding region until approximately 18 months ago, when it began to reverse.  Reports of heroin use and overdose in the Shenandoah Valley, Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and west, including Romney and Berkeley Springs, have dropped to well below the national averages.  Authorities are unsure as to the cause of this shift, but many area parents, teachers, and first responders are simply grateful.

Seven Historical Properties Burned, Seven Bodies Found

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Seven historic churches and houses in Clarke, Frederick, and Shenandoah Counties were all burned to the ground on the night of January 30, in what is being investigated as arson and homicide. An unidentified body was found in the center of each ruined building, and the fires were started using an unidentified accelerant.
Police are seeking information on anyone who was seen entering or exiting these locations prior to the fires.

Man Suffers Burns in Trendy Winchester Hotel

Friday, February 27th, 2015
An unidentified man suffered burns covering 30% of his body during a fire on Monday night at the Aloft Hotel. The Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department indicated that the fire was limited to a single bathroom on the fourth floor of the hotel. Other than the individual, no other injuries were reported.  The burn victim was taken to Winchester Medical. Authorities have yet to release any update on the victim’s identity or condition. Firefighters were called to the scene at 6:18 pm and found that the burn victim had managed to escape to the front lobby. There was also reported smoke in the hallway and on the second floor. “He was burned pretty bad. It’s a miracle he could walk, that he got out himself like that.” Capt. Donna King of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said, of the victim.
The hotel guests and staff evacuated the building before the fire department’s arrival.  Authorities continue to investigate the incident

Public Alert: Phone Scam

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The Winchester Police Departments urges area residents to be wary of phone calls claiming to be from the Bank of Clarke County. Multiple residents report receiving automated calls indicated that debit card information has been restricted or compromised and advising the individual to respond and provide personal account information. Last week some residents received similar messages by text message.  Please do not respond to these calls or give out any of your personal information over the phone or through other electronic means. The Bank of Clarke Country is cooperating with the Winchester Police Department to determine the source of the breach. If you have responded to these messages and given your personal information please call 800-555-2273 to have your card blocked.

Two Winchester Cash Advance Stores Burn to the Ground, Arson Suspected

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Cash Today and Fast Money Loans were unable to be saved by Winchester City Fire Department after calls came in at 10pm and then 1am that morning. The buildings were unoccupied and no injuries to rescue personnel were sustained. The fires are currently being investigated, but arson is suspected. Anyone with information about the fires at Cash Today on N Frederick Pike and Fast Money Loans on Weems Ln is advised to contact the Arson Task Force at 866-555-1234. Remain anonymous by calling Crime Solvers at 1-555-411-TIPS.

Winchester Christmas Tree Lighting Sparks Religious Riot

Friday, December 26th, 2014

As the City and downtown businesses continue to rebuild, authorities are continuing to investigate the riots which occurred earlier this month. A number of Old Town businesses suffered superficial damages, from broken windows to graffiti, but are expected to be back to business as normal in time for First Friday next week.

The Winchester Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony quickly turned from a peaceful holiday event to a religious riot, involving an estimated 700 people. City police arrived on the scene after reports of gunfire, gaining control of the scene just before midnight.

Ninety-three people with injuries were reported, with four fatalities. Arrests have been made, including a number of members of the Fellowship Renewal Church. Representatives of the church have responded that their brothers and sisters were defending the sanctity of the holiday against ‘dark forces’, and have donated considerable amounts of money to cover medical expenses of many of the victims.

Beyond the harm to its citizens and business, this event is another black mark on the reputation of the colonial era city which is desperate to develop new commercial and industrial business as it struggles in the 21st Century.

Frederick County School Bus Missing

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

School Bus number 89 disappeared after school on Tuesday, October 21. Its driver, Stacey Jones, age 58, of Winchester, has not been seen since then, and 7 special needs students, between ages 7 and 16, have all been reported missing.

The bus was last seen at its second stop, on Indian Hollow Road. Michelle Rinker, parent of one of the two children to make it home, “It’s just so terrible! My Billy could have still been on that bus- I thank Jesus that he made it home, and I hope God is with the other families, and brings their kids home safe!”

Historic Winchester Church Destroyed in Fire

Friday, October 10th, 2014

A tragic fire on the night of October 9th cost the City of Winchester, Virginia one of its older wood-frame churches. St. Anne Chapel, built 1839, located on East Leicester Street, went up in flame around 8 PM. Nearby residents called 911 after noticing smoke, but the structure was already compromised by the time emergency responders arrived.

Bodies of two victims, believed to be squatters, have been recovered but no identifications have yet been made.

The church has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1987