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Riot Leads To Campus Lock-down

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Tensions remain high on the University of Virginia campus following last week’s riot. The conflict began when an arrest for public intoxication turned violent. Officer Pierce Smith was attacked and shot a student, John Radley.  Within minutes the campus had erupted as crowds of students attempted to assault police and EMT personnel.   The violence spread to nearby streets and several businesses were damaged.  A fire gutted the historic Paramount Theater.  Order was not restored until the next morning.

Classes resumed on  Monday, but the campus remains on a strict curfew. All bars in the nearby area have been closed for an indefinite time. Additional law enforcement personnel have been assigned to keep order.

Many students and their supporters have begun a campaign of signs and social media posts bearing the “Justice for Johnny” slogan.

Following last month’s riot in Winchester and recent issues in Fredericksburg these events have only increased fears of law abiding NVA residents.

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Evangelist Courts Controversy

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

A Culpeper VA minister has created a controversy in the last few weeks with his popular Radio/podcast show “The Light of the Lord.”  Reverend G. Atwater, of Testament of Christ Church, is no stranger to outrage, having attracted a great deal of attention last year with an effort to prevent the remains of a pagan US Marine  from being interred in Culpeper National Cemetery.

One of his recent series of topics has drawn considerable criticism from Feminist and Anti-Domestic violence groups.  The program “She Shall Be Burnt With Fire” has been described as “a call for violence against women.”  In the program the Reverend agued that any woman who has had sex out of wedlock must be considered a whore and drew upon Leviticus 21:9 to declare they must have no part in the community of Christians.”

He followed this with “Separating the Daughters of Eve from the Daughters of Lilith.” which was full of claims that many women’s soul are actually the foul spawn of Lilith and should not be seen as the children of God.

The Reverend issued a statement in answer to the claims. “While I am certainly not instructing any one to act on their own, the Lord’s judgment is not to be denied. Any daughter of a Christian who plays the harlot is the same as a daughter of priest in the Old Testament.  The Lord shall see that they burn in the lake of fire. All we need to do is be sure to cut such trollops out of our lives, lest they cause sin to spread.”

Police Looking For Serial Arsonist

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Authorities have issued a $10,000.00 reward for information that leads them to the capture and conviction of a Serial Arsonist. 26 people were found dead over the course of a week. Each person had been burned to death in their homes while sleeping. Additionally, four people received 3rd degree burns and are being treated at St Josephs Medical Center in the ICU. No statements have been made by the surviving victims or their families. Local authorities have reached out to the FBI for assistance on this mass murder. Statements from the the Chief of the Stockton fire department support that these incidents were “calculated and measured to ensure death of the victims and little to no property damage in the process

Children’s Remains Found in Bar’s Basement

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Authorities arrested Ruben Peters owner of La Chienne, a small establishment in Green Valley, Saturday night for his involvement in a local meth operation. Following his arrest a full search of the premises revealed a secret basement only accessible through a small trap door in his office. Inside officers discovered the skeletal remains of two children inside a pool of blood, water, and excrement. Initial reports suggest that they were victims of torture and cannibalism. CSI will be performing dental and genetic analysis to confirm the identities of the children. Mr. Peters will not be charged, however, as he died in custody of drug related complications. The investigation is ongoing to find any associates Mr. Peters may have had.

Strange Shootout on South East Side

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

A warehouse near Valencia and Kolb in Tucson, AZ was the site of a bizarre occurrence Monday evening. According to the sole survivor of the incident a group of hairy men dressed in ponchos and wielding revolvers arrived at the warehouse on horseback. The group opened fire and killed everyone on the premises except a single woman who was incapacitated by a bottle being smashed against her head. Police found only dead bodies, a single unconscious woman, some loose horses, and over five hundred kilograms of cocaine when they arrived at the scene after receiving multiple calls regarding gunfire.

According to the witness, who has since been placed in protective custody, the warehouse was being run by members of the Sinoloa Federation, a cartel based in central and western Mexico. Because of this affiliation authorities believe it is likely that the men who assaulted the warehouse were either members of a rival cartel or a local drug concern

Milton Fitzhughs, Philanthropist and Politician, Reported Missing

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Authorities in Culpeper,Virginia have announced that Former Commonwealth Senator Milton Philmore FitzHughs has been missing for two days. Senator FitzHughs, 78, had a long career in Virginia politics where he was known for supporting education, the arts and preservation of Historical sites. Since his retirement he has served on the boards of many charitable organizations.

Senator FitzHughs was last seen at his home Thursday afternoon. Police investigators say his cell phone, wallet and car all remain at the house.

Though no ransom demands have been made, many speculate this could be a kidnapping due to his family’s large fortune