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Man Suffers Burns in Trendy Winchester Hotel

Friday, February 27th, 2015
An unidentified man suffered burns covering 30% of his body during a fire on Monday night at the Aloft Hotel. The Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department indicated that the fire was limited to a single bathroom on the fourth floor of the hotel. Other than the individual, no other injuries were reported.  The burn victim was taken to Winchester Medical. Authorities have yet to release any update on the victim’s identity or condition. Firefighters were called to the scene at 6:18 pm and found that the burn victim had managed to escape to the front lobby. There was also reported smoke in the hallway and on the second floor. “He was burned pretty bad. It’s a miracle he could walk, that he got out himself like that.” Capt. Donna King of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said, of the victim.
The hotel guests and staff evacuated the building before the fire department’s arrival.  Authorities continue to investigate the incident

Public Alert: Phone Scam

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The Winchester Police Departments urges area residents to be wary of phone calls claiming to be from the Bank of Clarke County. Multiple residents report receiving automated calls indicated that debit card information has been restricted or compromised and advising the individual to respond and provide personal account information. Last week some residents received similar messages by text message.  Please do not respond to these calls or give out any of your personal information over the phone or through other electronic means. The Bank of Clarke Country is cooperating with the Winchester Police Department to determine the source of the breach. If you have responded to these messages and given your personal information please call 800-555-2273 to have your card blocked.

Two Winchester Cash Advance Stores Burn to the Ground, Arson Suspected

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Cash Today and Fast Money Loans were unable to be saved by Winchester City Fire Department after calls came in at 10pm and then 1am that morning. The buildings were unoccupied and no injuries to rescue personnel were sustained. The fires are currently being investigated, but arson is suspected. Anyone with information about the fires at Cash Today on N Frederick Pike and Fast Money Loans on Weems Ln is advised to contact the Arson Task Force at 866-555-1234. Remain anonymous by calling Crime Solvers at 1-555-411-TIPS.

Young Cancer Patient Kills Cab Driver

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Late in the evening of February fourteenth a six year old cancer patient, whose name is being kept confidential by authorities, escaped from hospice care after experiencing what her doctors have called “The worst drug interaction we’ve ever seen.” After slipping out of her room and the facility in nothing but a hospital style gown she somehow convinced a cab driver to take her to a bar called “The Traveler” in South Tucson. Upon arrival she stabbed the cab driver in the throat with a pair of medical scissors smuggled out of the hospice. She then stumbled into the bar where she immediately collapsed. Jordan Miles, the bar’s owner and operator, called the authorities immediately.

Security recordings from both the hospice and the bar show the patient stealing the scissors, leaving through a side exit, entering the taxi, arriving at the bar, and killing the cab driver.

Police currently have her under 24-hour watch at a new hospice where she is now tied down with bed restraints. Her doctors have claimed that this is unnecessary as she slipped into a coma following the events.

The District Attorney’s Office has yet to issue a statement regarding whether they will pursue a case against the young girl.