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Stockton Gang Violence Growing

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Today the Head of the Police released a statement today concerning the growing concern of gang violence.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I know that many of you have worried over the last few months why there have been an increase in crime within our normally peaceful city of (name). I address you today with the intention of helping alleviate those concerns by telling you what we your men in blue have done.

We have expanded the amount of hours our police force will be working to keep you safe.  We have also requested additional help from the state to bolster our numbers temporarily until the crime rate has been lowered. You can all relax and know that you are safer because we will work harder for you.”

This was followed by answers to individual questions and then the conference was called.

The people still wonder if these precautions will be enough to keep their families safe. One such concern is the expansive reach of a drug that the kids have been getting a hold of called Krokodile. It is being distributed to uncounted amounts of people within the city and violence has sprouted around these dealings many times over the last couple months as well.

Be wary and be safe.

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