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Filming Starts in San Francisco

Friday, October 28th, 2016

The rumors around the city are true, the Blue Suns Entertainment Company is going to be capitalizing on the trending Vampire TV shows and making a trilogy of drama and action movies about 2 Houses of vampires clashing in a everything goes war.  It is using new filming staff and going to either make or break new talent that has been trying to make it mainstream in Hollywood. This series of movies is going to be shot all at the same time so that epic story line flows from beginning to end and filming staff are able to completely stay within the mind sets of their characters. They have several permits throughout the city and will be filming mostly at night to keep with the theme of Vampires. No Day Light Rings in this series. There have already been some minor power surges on set that have cause some of their lights to flash several times very brightly than stop, and have passed on their apologies to those that call the City of San Francisco home.


The release date for these movies  is spring of 2018. I myself like several others will be waiting for any more information and the release of this Movie.

Grizzly Discovery on the Shenandoah

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Festival-goers along the Shenandoah River got a grisly surprise as human body parts washed ashore this weekend. Another incident was reported in Shannondale, West Virginia, by a resident walking her dog along the river.

The remains have been identified as Daniel Fitzgerald, son of Warren County Board of Supervisors member Bradley Fitzgerald. Daniel has been missing since July 31st. Police are looking for any information in connection to this crime, and rewards will be offered for information that leads to an arrest.

Diphtheria in Venezuela

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

The governor of Bolivar state, Venezuela confirmed this week that there are 93 cases of diphtheria in the town of San Antonio, Sifontes municipality, according to a report from El Diario de Guayana.

The Venezuelan Society of Public Health says diphtheria was eradicated in Venezuela in the late 1940s. Officials state they have the vaccines and medicines to prevent and combat the outbreak.

Bolivar state is also the region in Venezuela most affected by the current malaria epidemic, the largest in 75 years.