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National Aquarium Announces Plan to Move

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Baltimore, MD- The National Aquarium announced, following their end of the year board meeting, that the aquarium will be closing its doors in January and moving to a new location in Annapolis.  The new location will be open to the public, with limited exhibits, in August.

Maize Mosaic Disease Spreads in Africa

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Associated Press- Maize and sorghum crops in Rwanda were devastated this year by the continued spread of mosaic disease on top of a severe drought in the early growing season.  The disease, which has been an increasing problem since 2014, is believed to be spread by planthoppers, which can spread the disease across long distances.

Harrisonburg Family, Students Perish in House Fire

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

Harrisonburg, VA- The home of the Page family erupted in fire last night, killing all four members of the family and four local college students who were in the house at the time of the tragedy.  Fire spread through the interior of the building before firefighters reached the scene.  Preliminary investigations into the cause of the blaze point to a slow leak from an older model gas furnace.

A spokesman from Rockingham Gas has put out a statement reminding everyone to have their gas furnaces inspected annually, and if they smell a leak, to report it immediately.

Independent Militia Cell Killed by SWAT

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Pensacola, Florida- Four heavily armed men and one woman, all in second-hand military fatigues, were killed last night after a series of assaults and an attempted break-in turned into a stand-off with SWAT. Two were identified as former army, and one had been part of a private security force in South Carolina. The others remain unidentified.