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It’s Raining Iguanas in Florida

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Naples, Florida- The Atlantic cold bomb drove lows throughout the state 25-35 degrees Fahrenheit below average, which is causing problems for wildlife, especially non-native and invasive species.  The most noteworthy, as has been shared on social media by many Florida residents, is the phenomenon of “frozen iguanas”.  While the reptiles are not really frozen in most instances and do usually survive, green iguanas lose mobility at temperatures below 45 degrees, which causes them to fall from the tree branches they had been clinging to.

Temperatures are forecast to return to normal early next week.  If you must move a fallen iguana, it is recommended to place them in a sheltered location, such as beside the trunk of a tree.

DC Metro Silver Line Boom

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Leesburg, VA- Development has started in full- shops, restaurants, housing- around the sites that will be Metro stations in just two to three years.   Demand, and with it, property value, is expected to continue to increase throughout Eastern Loudoun, especially in Ashburn, where the line will terminate.

The infrastructure is being expanded and repaired, including Route 7 and 28, so while you can expect some construction delays over the next few months, travel should be much less contested in the near future.